How Do We Explain The Trinity?

Meditate on God’s creation. The hour I spent with a leaf was memorable to my soul. I had just begun my ministry in Midland, and had no idea how to move forward in God’s plan. Examining a leaf in my hand, I became impressed with its intricate design. The more I studied, the more amazed I became. Then the Spirit spoke to my spirit: “If I can design a leaf, I can design your life and work.” And he did.

Meditate on a current or global event. Pray about it, asking God to reveal his truth through this matter to you. Trust him to use his world and his word in your life. Listen until you have heard him speak. And you will.

Doc Severinson was the trumpet player and band leader for Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. As a trumpet player myself, I followed Severinson’s career with interest. Once I was privileged to attend a workshop and concert he staged. During the conversation following the performance, someone asked him about his practice habits. Severinson replied, “If I don’t practice one day, I know it. Two days, my band knows it. Three days, the world knows it.” The same is true of my soul, and perhaps yours as well.


We’ve discussed briefly the trinitarian nature of God, the divinity of the Son and the Spirit, and the work of the Spirit in our lives. The practical outcome of such a hurried survey is simply this: we are each to give ourselves every day to the Spirit. We are to yield the morning as it begins and the day before it starts. We are to seek his wisdom and direction for every step and every decision. We are to be led by his grace in every moment. And as we practice his presence in our lives, we experience the abundant life which Jesus came to give us all (John 10:10).

One of my favorite stories concerns a father who arrived home after work and was greeted by his two small daughters. The older girl got to him just as he stepped onto the sidewalk leading from the driveway, with a hedge on either side. She threw her arms around her father’s legs. The younger sister then arrived. Her older sister was in front of her, hedges on both sides, and she couldn’t get to her father. Her big sister taunted her, “Ha, ha, ha, I’ve got all of Daddy there is.”

The wise father then reached over his older daughter, picked up the younger sister, and held her in his arms. The younger girl then said to the older, “Ha, ha, ha, Daddy’s got all of me there is.”

You have all of the Father there is. Does he have all of you today?