Hinduism and You

Hinduism and You

Dr. Jim Denison


Hinduism is the most ancient religion in the world–there is no time in literature when there was not some form of this religion.

Most philosophical foundations are found in the Upanishads, a collection of treatises based on about 300 years (800-500 B.C.) of religious reflection by various sages. Under their religion, philosophy became paramount in Hinduism.

The principle underlying the Upanishads is that humanity’s spiritual problem is resolved neither by religious practices such as worship, nor by works or social service, but by life-changing knowledge of what is actual reality or truth.

Today Hinduism is the religion of 80% of India, a nation of 700 million people. Recent estimates of the number of Hindus worldwide put its population at approximately 650 million.

It is growing in influence in America:

Spiritual unity of all reality, and reincarnation leading to “enlightenment”–the basic premise of the New Age Movement

Baha’ism, rooted in Hinduism, with its pluralism