God’s Power for God’s Purpose

God’s Power for God’s Purpose

Acts 1:8; 2:1-4

James C. Denison

These are some of the hardest days I can remember.

Hurricane disaster relief continues in Galveston and the Gulf Coast, where more than a thousand Baptist churches were destroyed or affected and millions of people are still displaced. The hurricane’s economic impact is currently estimated at $81 billion, and could rise to $100 billion.

Some economists are saying that we are going through the most tumultuous time for our economy since the Great Depression. No one knows what Wall Street will do on Monday, or how it will affect Main Street.

Closer to home, this past week was for many people the worst week of their lives. Tuesday night we learned of the death of Boogie Blackwell at the age of 16. More than 600 students came to a special worship service Wednesday night; more than a thousand came to the memorial service Friday afternoon. The grief many of us are feeling today is almost beyond description.

On a Sunday like this, what we need most is a word of encouragement from the Lord. We need to know that his power is sufficient for our pain, his hope for our despair, his comfort for our loss. I need to talk to you today about the power of God and how we can experience it today.