God Will Meet Your Needs

God Will Meet Your Needs—But First You Must Ask

The life and legacy of Moses

Dr. Jim Denison

Exodus 16-18

As I write this commentary from my study in Dallas, Texas, I have just been to church in England. The Methodist Church of Great Britain has started the Internet’s first virtual church: churchoffools.com. I was able to slip electronically into a worship service, sit in a pew, listen to a sermon, and participate in conversation.

The “church” still has some problems to work out—one user named himself “Satan” and began cursing at the pulpit, and the first “live” sermon was interrupted when the minister’s computer crashed. But organizers believe their effort has enormous potential. Only seven percent of Brits regularly attend church services, but 68,000 visited the Church of Fools in its first two days.

Churches these days are more intentional about meeting the needs of their members and communities than ever. According to recent surveys, the number of Americans who claim no religion has doubled in the last ten years. More and more congregations are trying new strategies to interest and attract unchurched people.