Death By A Thousand Chihuahuas

Death by a Thousand Chihuahuas

Matthew 4:18-19

Dr. Jim Denison

Do you live by a calendar and a clock, or a compass?

Some of us are governed by our calendars. We keep them at our desks, hang them on our walls, or carry them in our pockets. We record them with pencils or computers. And every day we do what they tell us to do.

They run our lives, with the help of our clocks. On the wall or our wrists, the clock tells us when to do what the calendar tells us to do.

I am as much a slave to my calendar and clock as anyone I know. But today I announce to you that I repent of their lordship over my life, and choose to live instead by a compass. And so should you.

There is only one “true north” in the Christian life. Only one purpose which will direct your life with unerring accuracy, which will guide you home every single time. We’re going to find it today.

On the first weekend of this new year we discovered God’s Kingdom purpose for his people. Now we’ll discover his Kingdom purpose for you. You’ll need to remember and live by this purpose, this “true north” every day this year. Or you’ll die the death of a thousand Chihuahuas.