A Miracle In Your Hand

A Miracle in Your Hand

Matthew 5:17-18

Dr. Jim Denison

In our last study we discussed happiness; this week let’s talk about success. If you could have anything to make your life more successful, what would it be?

Here are some technological options I found in the news recently.

You’re listening to a song on the radio but can’t remember its title or artist. Soon you will be able to put your cell phone up to the speaker; in 15 seconds the song’s name and artist will appear on your telephone, with information for ordering the CD.

“Voice badges” are an item worn around your neck, weighing less than two ounces, able to connect your voice to the Internet and your desktop computer as well.

A Personal Digital Pen—you write with it, and your computer transfers the handwriting to typed data input.

Here’s my favorite new invention: a chip for your Palm Pilot or other Personal Digital Assistant. You set your PDA on a table, where it projects a laser image of a full-sized keyboard onto the flat surface. You type on that surface, and the data is captured into your computer.